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Code of Conduct
Patawomeck Tribe of Virginia


1. Maintain high standards of honesty and integrity when speaking with other Tribal members, always remembering to treat others as you would like to be treated. 

2. When attending Tribal events or Tribal meetings, speak courteously, honoring other peoples' thoughts and ideas. Allow each person the right to personal expression. During meetings, never interrupt a fellow Tribal member or guest who has the floor. Wait your turn to be recognized. 

3. If you disagree with another person's opinion, express your disagreement with respect. 

4. If you have an issue with another Tribal member regarding Tribal business or events, in which no satisfying resolution is reached, you may request a meeting with the Tribal Council in a closed session to discuss such issues. 

5. Name calling, false innuendo, gossip mongering on Facebook, email or any other means of social media which reflects adversely upon the dignity, prestige or integrity of any Tribal member is strictly forbidden and will result in being blocked from the Tribal Facebook and other associated media. If the adverse action continues after formal reprimand, the result will be suspension or expulsion from the Tribe and removal from the Tribal rolls as determined by the Tribal Council. 

6. Never involve the name, Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia, in business dealings without the acknowledgement of the Tribal Council. When speaking in public or in interviews, you must make it clear that you are speaking as an individual citizen and not a Tribal representative, unless you have prior permission through a majority vote of the Tribal Council. 

7. Never represent the Tribe without Tribal Council approval. To act without authorization constitutes misrepresentation. To misrepresent the Patawomeck Tribe or its Council to the public or others for one's own private interest is cause for suspension from all Tribal activities. Depending on the severity of the infraction, removal from the Tribal rolls may be warranted. 

8. Entering into acts or actions that are harmful to the Tribe as a whole may result in suspension from Council meetings and certain events for a specified time or expulsion from the Tribe and removal from the Tribal rolls. 

9. No privileges or favor will be afforded to anyone because of Tribal status, family name, financial status or for any other reason. 

10. Discrimination of any kind shall not be tolerated. There shall be no discrimination against any Tribal members of different religions, creeds, or political affiliations. 

11. Those serving on the Tribal Council represent all Tribal members and shall conduct business in an unbiased manner. Personal agendas are prohibited. 

12. Discussing Tribal business outside of the Tribe such as on Facebook or emails, or any other form of social media without the prior approval of the Tribal Council is strictly forbidden and will result in formal reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from the Tribe and removal from the Tribal rolls, as determined by the Tribal council. 

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