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Explore the Patawomeck Museum & Cultural Center as well as the Living History Village to learn the story of Stafford's first people.


Explore the Patawomeck Museum and Cultural Center to discover all the opportunities for children and adults to learn, interact, and grow. Tour the museum, visit all the stations in the Living History Village, and get a picture beside the largest Ginkgo tree in Virginia.


The Museum has thousands of artifacts that help to tell the complex history of the Patawomeck Tribe. The artifacts include war clubs, gardening implements, pottery and ancient weaponry. The collection represents 10,000 years of history.

Be sure not to miss the replica of the cape believed to have been worn by Powhatan. This replica, designed for the movie “The New World” was crafted by Jacquelyn West, an Oscar nominated costume designer. It is made entirely of turkey feathers collected by Tribal Members for the movie. The current Chief, Charles "Bootsie" Bullock, is pictured here wearing the Feather Cape.

Meet Gargantua

At the end of the tree-lined drive towers the largest Ginkgo Biloba Tree in Virginia, lovingly named Gargantua.  Soaring more than nine stories high, this majestic tree provides vibrant autumn foliage and summertime shade from the sweltering heat. In May 2021, Gargantua was added to the state registry as the largest Ginkgo tree in Virginia. Bring your camera and explore his QR code.

About Us


The Patawomeck Indian Tribe of Virginia, Inc. is a registered 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation operated by the Officers and Directors of the organization, known as the Elected Tribal Council.

The history of the Tribe pre-dates the 1300’s in Stafford County. Our Tribe was instrumental in the sustaining of the Jamestown Colony and continues to positively impact Stafford County today. 

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